The Paradox of Time

The only thing we humans are sure of the day we are born, is that someday, time will run out.

Someday our time will end, even though time in itself will continue to be as it always has been.

Our physical bodies will get exhausted until they expire

Our minds might loose sense of our reality and be weakened by the illusion of a moving clock.

Or even an unpredictable disease or accident might happen that resets our existence.

And this is terrifying.

Most of humanity today is terrified of that day

And every day that passes is a day less in our calendar

A day less in our individual time.

“You cannot turn back the clock” they say

so do it today,

live today,

Be… today.

And yet, knowing that someday, we’ll seize to exist,

We still postpone our dreams, our passions, our lives.

Because even though we are not eternal, years, decades, feels like an eternity.

So tomorrow, ill quit my job,

Tomorrow, i’ll go out with my friends,

Tomorrow, i’ll be.

What if time were to be a mere human creation?

What if we are eternal and simply can’t see it? And should we be able to see it?

What if we’ve invented time because eternity is far too complex to understand?

Maybe time, the one thing we fear, is what motivates us to be…

Even with the sense that tomorrow might not come,

We still leave things for tomorrow with a somewhat sureness that it’ll be there. Imagine we knew we were eternal?

This constrain of time or the illusion of it moves humanity forward. Without it, you’d probably not quit your job tomorrow, you’d probably never do it because you’d have forever in your hands.

And we are to small to comprehend forever.

Forget forever, imagine 1000 years. How much unhappiness would you tolerate if you “lived” that long?

It is accepted in our society that the first few years of our careers aren’t supposed to be pleasant.

You won’t like them. In fact it is normalised and assumed that you will not like them. Now, say that an average person spends 3 years doing something they absolutely don’t like in order to “build up a CV”,

Assuming one lives 80 years and applying that same ratio to 1000 years, that same person would spend 38 years doing something they absolutely don’t like.

38 years…

Applying that same rational, how many years would you spend tolerating abusive relationships, destructive friendships, harming behaviours, abusive bosses, boring classes, miserable time at the gym (assuming you don’t like going to the gym)?

How many years would you spend hating your body, wishing you were straight, making yourself fit into boxes you simply don’t fit, just in order to be accepted for something you aren’t?

And how many years would you be happy? Devote to living your full potential?

Now imagine forever…

Instead of 1000 years you have forever. And instead of 38 years you have forever. Just a smaller one but still forever.

So even if we are eternal and our souls continue to live beyond our physical bodies, the idea of time,

that one idea that we are so terrified of,

Is in itself the driver of humanity,

And without it, our eternal souls would be lost in eternity.



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Rebecca Mankinen Sousa

Rebecca Mankinen Sousa

A proudly confused human being. Passionated about questioning social structures. May use the term “social construct” way to often.